easyGUI - a full development system for creating graphical user interfaces in embedded systems.

Create your GUI in an efficient PC development center. Minimizes time-consuming coding directly in the embedded code.

easyGUI supports virtually all embedded microcontrollers, compilers, and color / grayscale / monochrome displays.

easyGUI driver library

Check if we have your preferred driver in our easyGUI driver library.

Supports virtually all display controllers, ANSI C compilers, and 16/32/64-bit microprocessors

easyGUI display drivers

easyGUI will supply you with a free driver if a suitable driver doesn’t already exist in our easyGUI driver library.

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How does easyGUI support multi-language texts?

Any number of languages can be added to an easyGUI project. If needed Unicode (16 bit character codes) can be used, for e.g. Asian and Middle East languages. The easyTRANSLATE utility allows external translators to work on your project.


  • Visual development tasks are performed in efficient graphical PC application, ensuring rapid prototyping.
  • Virtually all display controllers supported.
  • Graphical library written in plain C, supported by virtually all embedded C compilers.
  • PC simulator for user interface evaluation, testing, marketing, even before target system exists.
  • Small RAM/ROM footprint.
  • All color depths from monochrome to 24 bit per pixel true color supported.
  • True proportional fonts of high quality in many sizes.
  • Multi-language applications. Full Unicode support for Asian and Middle East languages.
  • No royalties / per product fees.

easyGUI CD and box


easyGUI Options


easyGUI v6.0.9 build 004 version has been released.

All users of easyGUI version 6 should check here that they are using the newest release.


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