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easyGUI Unicode software package

Product number 678-789
Price € 2236.00

The easyGUI Unicode software package includes all functionality of easyGUI Color, and adds support for Unicode characters (16 bit character codes), opening up for the use of virtually all languages in the world, including Asian and Middle East languages. easyGUI Unicode can also be used for projects using standard ANSI characters (8 bit character codes). easyGUI Unicode supports both monochrome, gray scale, and color displays.

The package includes everything you need to get started using easyGUI.

  • The easyGUI software application (download)
  • A dongle license
  • Our easyDRIVER libary, currently supporting more than 200 controllers
  • A 3 month complimentary support plan
  • 17 ANSI easyGUI fonts
  • 3  Unicode easyGUI fonts
  • Ability to work in both Monochrome, Grey scale and Color mode

The easyGUI packages comes in 3 different versions; Monochrome, Color and Unicode. Please read our“The easyGUI software explained” for more info on our different easyGUI packages. Here you will also find information on the fonts included in this version.


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